Stonehouse Golf Collection

StoneHouse Collection

The singular style of a print from Stonehouse Publishing is unmistakable. From the drama and realism of the image itself, to the panoramic aspect that celebrates the landscape surrounding it, each is brought to life by a fine art printing process that ensures the quality of your print for generations to come. Typically reserved for artists and museums, Stonehouse Publishing utilizes the Giclée printing process to ensure the quality of each of our photographic renditions. The process is conducted within the strict confines of ou r own facilities, under the hands-on supervision of our specialty team of artisans and printmakers.

Stonehouse Collection

The inks used in our Giclée prints contain watercolor-based archival pigments, not oil-based, which accounts for a superior translucent effect much like that of watercolor paintings, as well as longer-lasting color fidelity (a century or longer) even when displayed in direct sunlight. The application of Giclée ink to our museum-quality paper is not a pressure-based transfer, as in offset printing, but a spray process by jet nozzles with openings as small as one-millionth of a diameter of human hair. That means absolute accuracy, with a wider color range and greater image resolution than even the finest offset presses can offer. When it comes to preserving the beauty of the world's great golf courses, Stonehouse Giclée prints offer unmatched image quality.

Coming in 2018!